International Maritime Technology

The InterMARtec GmbH is a privately owned, global acting company with a wide range of businesses and investments. Traditionally connected with the maritime industry we are operating offices in two long-established seafarer locations Elsfleth and Hamburg in Northern Germany.

With more than 20 subsidiaries in Germany and around the world we are a reliable and strong partner for your needs. Our hanseatic reliability and deliberate acting in international markets makes us a trustworthy company. Furthermore the development of economy and society in Mongolia is very important to us. The InterMARtec Group is constantly developing new businesses in the country.

Our experts are supporting you in following sectors:

  • Maritime Technology
  • Mining Industry
  • E-Commerce
  • Procurement
  • Safety and Security

The InterMARtec GmbH is part of the German maritime network “Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland e.V.”, which gives us the opportunity to connect a large number of companies within the industry.

Our shareholders are always open for new, interesting ideas, visions and young companies.

If you have any questions or request, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

InterMARtec Team